Meeting President: Advocate Molla Mohammad Abu Kawser, President GEMSSA

Meeting Secretary: Mrinal Kanti Roy Chowdhury Popa, Secretary GEMSSA

Participants: A total of 220 Life and Honorary Members were present.

Item 1: Opening Address: The President welcomed all participants of the meeting and appreciated all for their presence in the pandemic situation. However, he   was regretful for the failure of holding the GM in time. He then invited the moderator of the meeting, S.M Shamim to continue with the proceedings.

Item 2: Recitation from the Holy Quran, and Vagabat Gita

With the permission of The President the moderator started the proceedings of the meeting. The meeting started with the recitation from The Holy Quran and Bhagavad Gita.

Item 3: Condolence Motion

A condolence motion was moved for the departed souls of nine GEMSSA members and one minute silence was observed for the salvation of the souls of the deceased.

Item 4: Report of the Secretary and General Discussion

The secretary presented his report where he gave a short brief of the history of formation of GEMSSA, achievement, vision of GEMSSA etc. The Secretary then presented the Balance Sheet (income and expenditure related to Membership fees, Reunion fees, all expenditure and present balance). A total of three members from the audience took part in the discussion and activities of GEMSSA and the report of the Secretary was highly appreciated. The Secretary requested the audience to pass the balance sheet.

Decision: The Balance Sheet was passed in the GM unanimously.

Item 5: Speech of the President and Discussion on Formation of the New Executive Committee of GEMSSA and Advisers

The President, GEMSSA elaborately stated the history of GEMSAA and a brief account of all activities of GEMSSA. Then he explained the modus of operandi of election of new EC as per GEMSSA constitution. The audience was very proactive and the President was entrusted with the responsibility of selecting the President of the GEMSSA for next term (two years) as per GEMSSA constitution. The President then proposed the name of Dr. Benazir Ahmed, BPM Bar (L-00145), as the new President of GEMSSA. The audience was very jubilant and raised their hands spontaneously to express their consent to elect Dr. Benazir Ahmed as the next President of GEMSSA for two years’ term. Then the meeting President wanted to know the views of the audience about electing rest members of the EC and advisers to EC. Elaborate discussion took place and the audience entrusted the new president to select other members of the EC and advisers to EC.

Decision: Dr. Benazir Ahmed was elected as the President of GEMSSA for the next term. It was also decided that the new President would appoint other members of the EC and Advisers as soon as possible.

Item 6: Speech of the Chief Adviser and New President

The Chief Adviser and new elected President thanked the audience for electing him the new President and assured them that he would leave no stone unturned to uphold the image of GEMSSA. He expressed his vision and requested the audience to stand by him to uphold the prestige of the esteem organization. The new President formed a committee consisting of the President, Vice Presidents and Secretary of incumbent EC of GEMSSA to form a new committee and submit it to him after the ‘Lunch and Prayer break’. He then opined that as the numbers of GEMSSA members are increasing day by day and more members are interested to work for GEMSSA, to make the EC more dynamic the size of the EC and advisers may be required to be expanded. He also informed the house that accordingly minor changes in the GEMSSA constitution regarding size of EC and other matters will be essential. The house approved the proposals unanimously.

 Decision: The declared committee will select EC members and advisers and would submit to the new President after the ‘Lunch and Prayer break’. Only minor changes to the constitution of GEMSSA may be done also.

Item 7: Declaration of the New Committee

After Lunch and prayer break (1330 – 1430) the meeting stared again at 14:30 hours. The Head of the selection committee submitted the names of new members of EC and advisers to the new President. The new President thanked the selection committee and asked the Head of the committee to declare the committee in front of the audience. The Head of the committee declared the names and the audience endorsed the proposal of the committee unanimously by the voice voting.

Decision: The new committee was elected unanimously.

Item 8: Closing Address

The President of the meeting thanked all again for their presence in the meeting and urged upon all to come forward with innovative ideas for the betterment of GEMSSA, support the new committee  and declared the closure of the GM and requested them to enjoy the cultural program.

 Mrinal Kanti Roy Chowdhury Popa


18 January, 2021       

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